RENÉ Returns With New Single “Space In Between”

London-based singer-songwriter RENÉ returns with her first single in almost a year and a half, “Space In Between”.

Born to Creole Mauritian parents and now currently based in London, emerging star RENÉ is the definition of a hidden gem. She’s one of the best artists we’ve discovered, having stumbled on her impressive debut track “Underwater” on SoundCloud three years ago. Growing up in a family full of singers and musicians is what inspired and nurtured her passion for music, and being immersed in a multi-cultural city such as London has continued to broaden her musical taste.

Influenced by the likes of Missy Elliot and Timbaland, RENÉ is known for pushing the boundaries both sonically and visually whilst staying true to herself. On her new single “Space In Between“, her captivating and distinctive voice immediately grabs your attention, taking you on a short but sweet journey which blesses your ears and generates an anticipation for more over a dynamic production. She has promised to release more music and visuals this year and we’ll be patiently waiting for it. Welcome back RENÉ, we missed you.

Stream “Space In Between” below:

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