RENÉ — Cause It

London-based artist RENÉ drops electronic-tinged new single “Cause It”

RENÉ is one of the most slept on artists around, and arguably the most underrated artist in London. Known for experimenting R&B with other sounds to create her own captivating and unique sound, she showcases her versatility on the electronic-tinged “Cause It”— a gritty track with an underground vibe. She has once again delivered an enjoyable song which touches on the pressure to fit in today’s society— these lyrics will almost certainly resonate with listeners. Play this one out LOUD.

“Put simply ‘Cause It’ is a rallying cry to anyone who has felt pressure to blend in, bend to meet expectations, smile through the pain or surrender their identity and personal values just to get by and follow social norms. So many are facing invisible battles; doing everything not to let that show in their day-to-day lives and I wanted to encourage people to find the space where they can just let go! Even if that as simple as listening to this song for a couple of minutes and wilding out in your bedroom or on the dancefloor, as long as in those moments you are completely focused on you and feeling what you feel ‘out loud’. Cause a scene if need be…cause it!”RENÉ.

Stream “Cause It” below:

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