RAY NVVY Unveils Superb Dark R&B Debut Single “Tell Me”

London-based newcomer RAY NVVY unveils superb dark R&B debut single “Tell Me”.

Apart from artists such as Santino Le Saint, Fabian Secon and 451, there isn’t that many UK-based artists that create captivating alternative or dark R&B music infused with trap and electronic sounds. Newcomer RAY NVVY, a London-based singer-songwriter of Filipino descent had already been releasing similar music before when he performed under his old artist name RAYDEEO1. After taking some time out to rebrand and work on new music, he returns with a polished sound and a visually striking image that will seriously grab people’s attention. His debut single “Tell Me” is built over a brooding production, and is laced with an impressive vocal performance. There’s this dark and moody vibe throughout that represents the song well— lyrically, it’s an unconventional love song, where RAY is in a battle between love and lust. Filled with catchy melodies, and effortlessly blends R&B and electronic music with sprinkles of rock to give it its alluring trap-oriented sound, “Tell Me” is an excellent debut single that really showcases RAY NVVY’s ability as a singer and a songwriter, as well as showcasing his immense potential.

FFO: The Weeknd, Always Never, Darci, Teflon Sega, K-Si Yang etc.

Stream “Tell Me” below:

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