P Grace Shows Promise On Debut Single “Make Me Feel”

Newcomer P Grace shows promise on his outstanding debut single “Make Me Feel”, one of the best releases of the week.

There’s literally no information anywhere online about the Boston, MA newcomer P Grace, but from what we’ve just heard, he has all the right tools to be a star. His debut single “Make Me Feel” is a captivating track that fits todays sound. Combining dark pop with sprinkles of alternative R&B and soul, Grace has delivered one of the best releases of the week, with his breathtaking vocals and the captivating production being the real winner here.

“It’s about a relationship gone bad without those in it realizing until it’s wayy too late. I kind of thought of the lyrics and whispered into a mic shortly after. Finishing it from there was easy and the dark/trappy/bedroom sound was def a great pool to jump in”P Grace.

Stream “Make Me Feel” below:

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