Olive Amun — Sell My Soul

Melbourne-based rising star Olive Amun shares new single “Sell My Soul”

Gone are the days when most people only associated Australia with either Cricket or Rugby. The country down under has a plethora of talented emerging artists, and 22 year-old Melbourne talent Olive Amun is one of them. He’s already released one of our favourite songs of the year “Deadweight”, his debut EP Don’t Leave Yet, and although 2021 is almost over, he isn’t slowing down just yet.

His latest drop “Sell My Soul” is a catchy number with a summer-vibe and plenty of mainstream appeal. Amun continues to impress us with his vocal performances and infectious melodies, we believe he’s a few releases away from a potential breakthrough. He’s been pretty successful during a global pandemic, now imagine how well he’ll do when life returns to pre-COVID normal.

“Sell My Soul” is about doing anything and everything to get the person you love back while they are getting more and more uninterested and over you” — Olive Amun

Stream “Sell My Soul” below:

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Photo Credit: Emilio Dumar

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