Nōva Shines On “Heavy Hitters”

Singer-songwriter Nōva’s new single “Heavy Hitters” is a refreshing and uplifting pop single with a strong message.

“My new track, “Heavy Hitters,” is for the inbetweeners, the misfits and miss legits. Growing up, I went through some shit. People constantly put me down – told me I wasn’t good enough, made fun of how I looked and how I sang. It took a lot for me to feel confident enough to start releasing my own music and showing people my artwork. “Heavy Hitters” is about finally letting go about all that negativity and celebrating who you are as a person. no matter what your background is, how you dress, how you look – it’s okay to be exactly who you are. flaunt it!”Nōva says.

Produced by Alexander Bergil and Bobby Crane, “Heavy Hitters” may sound like a generic pop single ready-made for radio and clubs at first, however, the underlying message makes it standout in an era filled with some of the craziest sexual innuendos in mainstream music. Listen and enjoy.

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