Noak Hellsing — When The Shadows Go Home

Stockholm-based emerging artist Noak Hellsing shares new single “When The Shadows Go Home”

Taken from his upcoming EP which is due out later this year, Stockholm’s Noak Hellsing has unveiled his highly anticipated single “When The Shadows Go Home”, released via TEN Music Group.

Teaming up with acclaimed producers Elias Edman and Jacob Werner, and co-writing with Petter Tarland, the 20 year-old emerging artist has delivered a captivating release that will surely generate a buzz for his forthcoming EP. “When The Shadows Go Home” is an uptempo pop gem laced with gorgeous melodies that will stick in your head for days.

“‘When The Shadows Go Home’ delves into the depths of loneliness and darkness. Despite being an inherently social person, I’ve been grappling with the difficulty of connecting with others lately. What was once enjoyable has turned into a burden. This song encapsulates the quest for finding solace and happiness within one’s solitude.” — Noak Hellsing.

Stream “When The Shadows Go Home” below:

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