Neko Neezy — WANTED

Neko Neezy bares his soul on new single “WANTED”

For us, monthly listeners doesn’t define talent. We know labels often look at an artists numbers before they sign them— which is cool and understandable because it’s a business at the end of the day, however many talented artists such as Neko Neezy go unnoticed, under the radar and stay underrated because they’re not given an opportunity to be heard. Or at times, it’s for financial reasons— independent artists simply struggle to compete with signed artists when it comes to promotion.

At DNü it has always been about the music, we don’t care about the numbers, we care about music that either connects with us or stands out from what’s already out there in the mainstream world.

Hailing from the south suburbs of Chicago, aspiring rap artist Neko Neezy is known for his storybook-style and conscious lyricism. His latest offering “WANTED” is a song that details the feeling of always being blamed for your wrongs in a relationship when the other person involved is actually the more dirty one instead. His storytelling lyricism is at first delivered in a rap-sung flow which instantly draws you in, the chorus is fairly repetitive yet infectious, floating beautifully over the captivating alternative hip-hop production which infuses lush orchestral strings, and he exudes confidence with a full on rap flow towards the end.

Although there’s room for improvement, there’s no doubt Neko Neezy has the potential to be a great artist.

Stream “WANTED” below:

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