Natalie Shares New Single “Star Falling”

Queens, New York City-based singer, songwriter and producer Natalie returns with new single “Star Falling”.

Before releasing music under her own name, Natalie was living in Chicago producing for other artists. During this period she got caught up in drugs, becoming creatively stagnant. This inspired her latest offering “Star Falling”, an alternative R&B vibe with sprinkles of dark pop throughout. The song pays homage to her childhood friend whose own drug use resulted in a drug induced psychosis.

“Growing up, the two of us were inseparable…when we reconnected in Chicago things started going downhill quickly. Our friendship became strained and we periodically fell in and out of contact. He called me two weeks before his birthday asking to crash at my crib and was in a completely removed, paranoid state”Natalie.

Stream “Star Falling” below:

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