Natalie — Glass

Rising indie artist Natalie returns with new single “Glass”

Emerging singer, songwriter and producer Natalie has been making waves in the alternative and indie circles, and today she’s made a stellar return with her new single “Glass”. The track is built over a genre-defying, bouncy production that adds an extra layer of cool to her impressive portfolio. With lyrical finesse and a mesmerising vocal performance, she brilliantly delves into the theme of deception

“In crafting ‘Glass,’ my intention was to fuse a sonically vibrant, dance-inducing production with an exploration of the intricate aftermath that follows a relationship entangled in deception. I think this is a topic that hits close to home for many, and I wanted the song to reflect those shared experiences, but in a sonically upbeat way.” — Natalie.

Stream “Glass” below:

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Photo Credit: Matt Barney

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