Muco — Garden In The Sky

London-based artist Muco releases compelling new single “Garden In The Sky”

Born in London to parents of British and Burundian/Rwandan descent, singer-songwriter and producer Muco’s music is inspired by a love of language and storytelling. Alongside longtime friend, guitarist and musical collaborator Arun Thavasothy, he writes songs which have a ghostly, transparent sound, brilliantly inhabiting an imaginative and unearthly place.

Taken from his upcoming project Notebook (green), his latest single “Garden In The Sky” is a compelling alt-folk-meets-chamber pop ballad that finds a balance between being haunting and spiritual. Its dreamy production make room for Muco’s stunning vocals to not only lead the way but also draw listeners in.

“Garden In the Sky began life out of my curiosity for symbols. I was drawn to the idea of the garden as a representation of paradise, and a metaphor for what human beings want most. I wanted the song to sound like a hallucination, like I was longing for something unreal. First Arun Thavasothy came to me with an idea for the guitar part and then we worked from there. I collaborated with my good friend Christopher Eiesland-Birch for the cello parts which really brought a lot to the track. I can’t wait to share the music video which will be released soon. Behind it are two really exciting talents: photographer and director Anastasia Schas and cinematographer Leomax He.”Muco.

Stream “Garden In The Sky” below:

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