MINOE — Hands

MINOE releases intoxicating dance floor anthem “Hands”

Canadian rising star MINOE is having a great year— consistently dropping bangers with a lot of replay value and substance. Her latest offering “Hands” is the third release from her upcoming EP Bleeding Heart’s Disco.

Her stunning vocals flow beautifully on top of the production creating an anthemic vibe. But it’s the songs topic which takes it up a notch. Born from navigating a break-up, she explores the complexity and conflicting nature of a relationship. “Hands” is the perfect song to cry to (as well as dance, obviously) in the middle of a club.

“As someone who has only really relied on myself for most of my life, relying on another person can present a major challenge. It’s one I’ve previously been very quick to run away from. In “Hands,” I’m turning my back on my partner, ready to return to dissociation, partying, and my vices.”MINOE.

Stream “Hands” below:

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Photo Credit: Eric Lamoth

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