Mia Baron — Normal Again

15 year-old Toronto-based pop artist Mia Baron returns with angsty new single “Normal Again”

Despite being only 15 years-old, singer-songwriter Mia Baron’s discography is already on par, and even better than most emerging artists twice her age. She recently returned with her latest offering “Normal Again”, an angsty and vulnerable reflection on bettering oneself as well as the changes that experiencing anxiety and panic attacks can bring. While many artists around her age group tend to release lighthearted songs, Mia’s sound is a little darker, often detailing topics such as mental health, which in turn resonates with listeners of all ages. If you’re a fan of artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Madison Beer and Carlie Hanson, you’re going to love Mia Baron.

“People change and [their] mental health is not always good. [It’s] okay, they just have to learn to cope with things and develop a new normal.”Mia Baron.

Stream “Normal Again” below:

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