Mia Baron — Caught

13 year-old Toronto-based emerging artist Mia Baron shares new single “Caught”

Mia Baron is arguably the most talented 13 year-old singer-songwriter in the world right now. I’ve never heard anyone her age with the exceptional voice she has, and her impressive songwriting ability. Mia began pursuing music a few years ago by recording covers of her favourite songs and posting them on social media. And in the past year, she has spent time working on and releasing original music.

Her latest offering “Caught” is a brilliant track that was born out of frustration, feeling angry about how others seemed to get away with the way they treated her, yet she would get in trouble for the smallest thing. That’s so relatable. Although she may be 13 years-old, Mia Baron has written a stunning song that will appeal to people of all ages.

Stream “Caught” below:

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Photo Credit: Frank

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