Mehki Raine: 5 Essential Tracks

Ahead of our first DNü Live gig of the year, we picked 5 essential tracks by headliner Mehki Raine

The North London rapper born Calvin Adrian Parkinson, has been on our radar for almost three years. In just under three years he has released notable bodies of work such as DOG EAT DOG WORLD, BLACK SHEEP and MISERY LOVES COMPANY. His debut mixtape DOG EAT DOG WORLD received praise from Billie Eilish and the track “Do Not Disturb” was added to Apple Music’s New Fire playlist. He combines potent lyricism and a dark-but-chilled induced voice over murky productions. He has also showcased his versatility with solid offerings such as the punk-infused anthem “BLACK AND BROWN” and “BODY”, which sounds like a Travis Scott-meets-Daft Punk track.

Despite making an uncredited appearance on Billie Eilish’s track “Bury A Friend”, as well as featuring in the songs music video just over two years ago, Mehki Raine is still a hidden gem. Below are 5 essential tracks by the North London rapper rapper you should check out.



“RAGE, PT. 2”



Honourable Mention: “BLACK SHEEP”

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Photo Credit: Sorin D

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