Max Leone Shares New Single “The Beach”

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Max Leone returns with spellbinding new single “The Beach”.

Max Leone is a straight up rising star and if you didn’t know, you will soon know. His latest single “The Beach” is the mesmerising follow up to the excellent “Cautious”, produced with Chicago native Alexander 23. It’s a melodic song with introspective lyricism and an experimental production which combines indie pop and alternative R&B with sprinkles of soul. Leone’s vocal performance is once again breathtaking, almost dreamlike. “The Beach” is another captivating release by the emerging star, and it has definitely generated a buzz for his upcoming debut EP.

“‘The Beach’  is about that person you keep going back to, even though every time you give them another chance they let you down. It’s like a flame, the warmth draws you in, but if you try to touch it you’ll get burnt.” – Max Leone.

Stream “The Beach” below:

Watch the lyric video below:

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Photo Credit: Clyde Munroe

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