Magnus Chapple Releases Eclectic Debut Album “An Introduction”

At the age of 20, Magnus Chapple —a singer, songwriter and producer from Salisbury, UK, based in London has released an album beyond his young age that infuses contemporary sounds and styles we have become accustomed to. It’s difficult to box An Introduction in to a specific genre as there’s sprinkles of alternative, indie, pop, R&B, soul and even hip-hop music throughout the album —these styles are known to fascinate him and also tell his story.

An Introduction has a familiar story of loss, sorrow and pain, these emotions are often difficult to deal with alone, however, Chapple sharing his story with listeners around the world will build a mutual connection and help ease the burden. It’s an outstanding and self-reflective album with emotionally-driven tracks such as the excellent “Boiling” and the closing track “Vilified” which touches on a very sensitive subject — the death of his older brother Horatio who was sadly mauled to death by a polar bear in August 2011 while on expedition in Norway.

Magnus Chapple has been experimenting with a wide array of production techniques and instrumentation over the past three years in order to develop his sound. His patience and determination has led him to create a captivating sound built around a haunting and breathtaking vocal ability, and an intimate melancholic warmth which will resonate with many people. An Introduction is a must listen.

Listen below.

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