Mae Krell Shares Powerful New Single “Garden”

20 year-old singer-songwriter Mae Krell shares powerful new single “Garden”.

People connect to music in so many different ways, some prefer hearing bold vibrant productions, others like melodic verses and catchy hooks, and then there are those like myself who connect to music on an emotional level. 20 year-old New Yorker Mae Krell’s powerful new single “Garden” is an emotionally-driven and stripped back track that instantly connects with listeners. It’s one of the most beautiful song you’ll hear all year. For a lot of people self-isolating themselves right now, this is the perfect song to listen to if we need that extra push to help us let go.

“Garden is my first release in a string of new singles. It’s about letting go of something or someone that you’ve relied on for so long, that you aren’t fully sure or trusting of your own ability to be happy without it. Garden is a song about pain and fear, and the growth that comes from those places when you’re able to give yourself time to heal”Mae Krell.

Stream “Garden” below:

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