MADANII & L:LUCID Share New Single “Say Something”

German Future Pop duo MADANII & L:LUCID are back with another stellar single, the follow up to the captivating “Sober”. Their latest release “Say Something” has a nostalgic 90’s R&B vibe combined with contemporary electronic music. It’s an enjoyable listen and tells the story of opening up to someone new; this can leave someone with a whole mix of feelings lying on opposite ends of a spectrum — both exciting and even elevating, on the other hand absolutely scary and full of uncertainty. Very relatable.

“Sometimes opening up can be especially difficult for someone who tends to be introverted or more cautious”MADANII.

“The idea was to keep ‘Say Something’ really simplistic; we wanted to build a structure of sound that can be easily understood- creating a space where everything else can breath and shine through” — L:LUCID.

Listen to “Say Something” below:

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