M w S Share New Single “Positive”

The rising duo from a small town in Italy have made London their home for creating their distinctive, soulful-pop sound. Their new single “Positive” is taken from their second EP Grow. It’s a beautifully-sung record built over a terrific production that combines both pop and alternative R&B effectively, and is also the standout track on the genre-bending EP that’s worth a listen.

M w S have already received support from publications such as Earmilk, Clash, Complex and many more. Their plan to move to the British Isles was nearly derailed early on as they booked tickets into the UK on the very day we decided to leave the European Union.

“The Brexit decision made us feel a bit uneasy about heading to the UK only at the beginning. We have a lot of faith in London, which we know is a very open city that somehow needs people from all over the world. We knew that this was the place for our music so we had to make it happen regardless. In the last months though, there is a lot of worry around Brexit for touring musicians.”M w S.

Listen to “Positive” below:

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