LVRA Shares New Single “Wall”

British-Chinese rising talent LVRA shares new single “Wall”, taken from her upcoming debut EP LVCID.

20 year-old Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter LVRA is back with new single “Wall”, which previews the releases of her debut EP LVCID due out on 29th May. “Wall” is an alternative pop track with sprinkles of R&B and soul. The songs inspiration came from a personal experience and she delivers a captivating vocal performance over the multifaceted production.

I had sacrificed my own happiness for someone else, and only once it was over did I gradually come to realise all the walls, emotionally and creatively, that I placed around our relationship in order to protect it. Last summer I went to China to get some space after a messy breakup. That trip made me feel so much wonder, and all the natural beauty inspired me to write this EP and finish ‘Wall’. I wanted to turn the pain that I felt into something hopeful.”LVRA.

Stream “Wall” below:

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