LUCA — Best in me

LUCA returns with stunning new single “Best in me”

20 year-old rising star LUCA is a one-of-a-kind artist who has been involved in music for his entire life. Today, he’s made a stunning return with his brilliant new single “Best in me”. Effortlessly blending R&B and indie pop, the Harlem, NY singer-songwriter and producer showcases his expansive eclecticism as he delivers one of the best songs you’ll hear this year.

As always, his soulful vocal performance instantly draws you in and sets him apart from other artists within his genre. Lyrically, the song itself is an ode to a past lover. It’s meant to be a song about the acceptance and closure of a relationship.

“It’s easy to reminisce and fault the other person, but it’s more important to have learned what it is to love and be loved. This song is meant to feel like you’re turning the page onto a brighter chapter.”LUCA.

Stream “Best in me” below:

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