Lotte Releases New Track “Mess”

Emerging Norwegian artist Lotte releases new track “Mess”.

Nurses have always been heroes, however it’s only been recently that the whole world including Governments around the world have really realised this. As some readers may know nurses in the UK are criminally underpaid. For Norwegian artist Lotte, she currently works as a nurse at a hospital in Oslo and during the past few months, she has had close encounters with COVID-19 pandemic. Her heroic efforts hasn’t stopped her from releasing a brand new single.

Her new track “Mess” pays homage to everything imperfect in a world striving for ultimate perfection, the song itself is a reminder that nothing is useless despite not being conventionally beautifully on the surface. The production is excellent, the song is beautifully written and memorable thanks to its simple but effective chorus. “Mess” is taken from her forthcoming EP Belong, which is due to be released this summer.

“The song is inspired by self-reflection and an understanding that no one is perfect including myself. ‘Mess’ is a half-acoustic feelgood-pop track which draws inspiration from hip-hop and pop-punk as well as the music I listened to as a child. It’s a very personal message from me”Lotte.

Stream “Mess” below:

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