Lo Lo Reminisces On “Sweater Collection”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Lo Lo has unveiled her brand new single “Sweater Collection” from her forthcoming debut EP. The inspiration behind the track came when she went through her wardrobe and realised she had a collection of sweaters from ex-boyfriends, who gave them to her as some sort of twisted keepsake.

“I’m not sure who started this ritual, or why it’s such a thing, but it just is. A guy likes you, he lets you take home one of his sweaters. You can then choose to wear it, or hang it on your door as you see fit. Whether these connections lasted a long time or a short time, every sweater told a story about how it somehow didn’t work out in the end” — says Lo Lo.

“Sweater Collection” is an enjoyable song with a gorgeous production and an infectious hook with replay value. Looking forward to hearing Lo Lo’s debut EP.

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