Leah Kate Drops Delicious Electro Pop Banger “WTF?”

New York City-based singer-songwriter Leah Kate may be an emerging artist to us but she grew up in Los Angeles, California surrounded by a family working in the entertainment industry. As she found herself under enormous pressure, the songstress escaped to New York City, where she discovered her creative fulfilment which in turn helped her kick-start a career in music.

Kate’s brand new single “WTF?” is a delicious electro pop banger with an infectious hook and lush vocal harmonies throughout — an alluring vocal ability that fits perfectly with the vibrant production. The song narrates the familiar story of being ghosted by a crush you were texting, an experience many listeners can relate to.

I want to remind girls and anyone not to let someone make you think that YOU did something. Sometimes you have to make light of situations and know that it is not meant to be. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at situations and realise it’s just your ego talking, you probably don’t really give a fuck, be strong.” — she says.

Listen to “WTF?” below.

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