Laica Shares Debut Album ‘i’m so fine at being lonely’

Filipina phenom Laica shares debut album i’m so fine at being lonely

After spending years uploading covers to YouTube, and busking around Santa Monica hoping to get discovered, 2020 was the breakout year for Laica. The 21 year-old singer-songwriter amassed a core stan community surrounding her debut EP Forever. And today, she’s finally released her much anticipated debut album i’m so fine at being lonely. Created alongside producer, writer and visual artist Cooper Leith, the album is packed with captivating pop beats, infectious melodies and relatable content that will resonate with listeners. ISFABL isn’t just jam packed with hits that have replay value, Laica also showcases thoughtful songwriting as she discusses overcoming stereotypes, mental health, loneliness and more. i’m so fine at being lonely is a cohesive and a satisfying debut album by one of the most promising emerging artists on the planet.

“I think it’s absolutely okay to be alone and choose yourself before others. Though extremely uncomfortable at first, I found my peace of mind from being completely isolated. I had a newfound desire to build myself and grow as a person that I could be proud of, without seeking validation from others. Through this project, I wish for people to believe in the idea of never giving up on yourself, and that choosing the things that make you happy holds the utmost importance.Laica.

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