LAGIOIA Unveils New Single “True Love”

London-based Swiss singer-songwriter LAGIOIA returns with impressive new single “True Love”

In an era where real love is overlooked because dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge or Bumble make it so easy to meet new people, most people such as myself tend to struggle to find true love and often experience a cycle of temporary love, where one person is afraid to commit. As Valentine’s Day approaches, most of us singletons will be sitting in front of our TV on that day watching our favourite show on Netflix, wishing we were out somewhere with that special person while we scroll down our Instagram feed looking at all those cute pictures of couples enjoying their day.

LAGIOIA caught our attention with her captivating debut single “Black Magic” last year and even went as far as wowing the audience during a showcase we put on last summer. Her new single “True Love” is a return to form as she delivers a stunning vocal performance built over a lush and warm soulful R&B production.

“When I wrote this song, I was kind of sadly inspired by the love stories of my friends. Nowadays it’s so hard to find true love because no one wants so commit anymore because they’re maybe scared, it is all about meeting and leaving somebody very fast.  The song is a story about a beautiful and and true story about a young couple. While the narrator is telling this lovely story, it realises that nowadays, it can be a myth or fantasy, because the problem nowadays (in my opinion) it’s very difficult to find that true love”LAGIOIA.

Instead of working on a music video, she interviewed open minded people at a tube station, asking them what true love means to them. With a striking melody and her bold lyricism which many listeners will be able to relate to, “True Love” is another impressive single by the emerging star. Catch her supporting Jack Trouble at our upcoming gig in April here.

Stream “True Love” below:

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Photography by: Konrad Knap