Joya Mooi Shares New Single “More Than Ever”

Joya Mooi shares new single “More Than Ever” — taken from her latest EP Blossom Carefully.

Amsterdam’s rising singer-songwriter Joya Mooi has been influenced by genres such as jazz, hip-hop and R&B, all of which she combines effortlessly in her music. Her latest single “More Than Ever” perfectly showcases that as she delivers a soulful vocal performance over a more hip-hop-infused production. With its sprinkles of neo-soul and impressive lyricism, “More Than Ever” captures her feelings of gratitude and how she practices serenity. Press play.

Normally when I create I tend to reflect on the past but for my EP I wanted to connect to go somewhere I haven’t been. Drawing inspiration from spiritual, social and political themes and personal stories, but mostly my own imagination in order to envision my wishes for the future. On Blossom Carefully I feel like I have constructed a reality where I can be free” — Joya Mooi.

Stream “More Than Ever” below:

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Stream “More Than Ever” below:

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