Jordn — 23

Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist Jordn shares motivational new single “23”

Inspired after watching Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance docuseries for the fifth time, LA-based hip-hop artist Jordn’s latest offering “23” is built over a fiery production by producer Cai who played an integral role in the song’s creation. Laced with infectious melodies and motivational lyrics, the track showcases his self-awareness and determination which outpours into impactful words, messaging and masterful delivery. “23” is the type of song that has the ability to turn an underdog into a winner. Put this on repeat and you’ll probably notice a difference in your mentality a week later.

“The only thing I could think about was how much of an icon this man was and I just wanted to be like Mike all over again. The number 23 is so tied into his legacy. I think I wanted to channel that energy, which is why I kept repeating those numbers over and over. Having a brilliant work ethic, and the ability to do what you love at an extremely high level is amazing – I aspire for that”Jordn.

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