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Jay Warren Shines On Powerful New Single “Tell Me”

Jay Warren is a Salt Lake City based and San Diego native R&B singer and songwriter known for singles such as “Fall Asleep With You” and “Closer”. His brand new single “Tell Me” is a powerful and emotionally driven R&B track that showcases his breathtaking vocal prowess.

“If you’ve ever been cheated on, you’ll get it instantly. Sometimes you give up so much for someone else only to have it thrown back at you, or even worse, thrown away and disregarded. But it also can be applied to so many more instances than just someone cheating. After any act of betrayal or distrust, we often find ourselves asking, ‘Why is this person even in my life? What do they want from me? Because I’ve given them everything'” — Jay Warren.

“Tell Me” is a universally appealing despite it’s emotional undertones, listeners are kept engaged thanks to it’s production — an outstanding infusion of alternative R&B and rock music. Listen below:

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