Jamal Bucanon Shares Debut Single “Waved”

London-based newcomer Jamal Bucanon shares debut single “Waved”.

Raised in Leicester and currently residing in London, 23 year-old singer-songwriter Jamal Bucanon who cites influences from the likes of Skepta, The Streets, J Dilla, Kano and more, has released a captivating debut single worth a listen. “Waved” is a compelling song built over a production which effortlessly blends elements of electronic, Jazz and indie music. Bucanon’s smooth vocals float beautifully over the production too. The record is inspired by a string of dead-end jobs and the allure of intoxication— for some listeners it’s fairly relatable during this current global pandemic. Press play.

Stream “Waved” below:

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Photo Credit: The Moodboard

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