ivytide Share New Single “miss u btw”

Montréal-based indie band ivytide share new single “miss u btw”.

At this point, we may as well relocate to Canada, if you’re willing to fund our relocation please get in touch. Canada continues to bless us with the best emerging artists and bands in music. And today, we’d like to introduce indie pop band ivytide to our audience. Consisting of Nathan Gagné (vocals/guitar), Kyle Ruggiero (bass) and Jamie Snytte (guitar), the trio met at a recording studio where they started to develop chemistry in their songwriting. They also had a mutual love for lo-fi indie music, and this led to the production of bedroom pop songs with catchy melodies built over stunning instrumentation. Their latest single “miss u btw” is a beautifully-written emotionally-driven song which represents one side of a two-tailed story. Parting ways with someone often leads to an inevitable feeling of withdrawal, pulling you back into the relationship you once had. This is the type of song you play by the beach while you reminisce about the one that got away.

Stream “miss u btw” below:

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