Isanna Shares Latest Single “Moshpit of Emotions”

London-based American-German producer and artist Isanna shares her latest single “Moshpit of Emotions”.

Drawing inspiration from her multifaceted background and nomadic tendencies, rising artist Isanna is making her mark via a strong visual aesthetic and sound that is all her own. Her latest single “Moshpit of Emotions” is a solid record built over a downbeat electronic production and the song itself has an uplifting message. If you’re into the likes of Lorde, bülow and even Billie Eilish, you’re going to enjoy this dark pop gem. Press play.

“This track is inspired by the sheer force and beauty of epiphany. I wrote it in a synaesthetic episode, flooded with feeling and emotion all at once, as if my ideas and thoughts had suddenly taken shapes and were spinning around me in a colourful “moshpit”. It’s about knowing nothing at all in the present, and yet, every now and then, catching a glimpse of a bright future. I feel that now, more than ever, is the time to release this track. I hope it puts a little bit of colour back into the world”Isanna.

Stream “Moshpit of Emotions” below:

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Photo Credit: Alex Massek

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