Introducing Mysterious London Based Singer-Songwriter Sirenety

London is home to some of the best overlooked unsigned artists around, one of them is the mysterious singer-songwriter named Sirenety. We were lucky she submitted her single “Blue Lights” to our main playlist back in December otherwise we wouldn’t of discovered her music until late.

I listened to “Blue Lights” a dozen times, there was something haunting yet beautiful about Sirenety’s voice that instantly connected with me — emotionally. Her voice reminded me of Madonna on her best album Ray of Light, an LP that features one of my favourite songs “Frozen” and that encouraged me to find out more about Sirenety.

Below is our brief conversation:

What was the inspiration behind your new single “Daisies”?

I had this image in my head of soft female vulnerability juxtaposed with violence and bloodlust. Of course everything has a personal inspiration feeding into it but I was also inspired by femme fatale stories and horror films. I’d been listening to some folk music and rap music. In both the artists were telling a story with their lyrics, not just expressing emotion.

How long has the song been in the making?

This one was fragmented. I came back to it a few times over a year and it kept transforming into something different. It actually started as mellow and sad but slowly became more dark and intense.

Your vocals are so beautiful and calm but has this dark undertone, growing up, what artists did you listen to?

Thank you! I’m not ashamed to say I loved Britney Spears and Madonna. I think I thought they were actual angels! But I also listened to a lot of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. I loved the Kaleidoscope album by Kelis. I remember finding her sound really intriguing because I wasn’t used to listening to R&B as a child, after that I got really into the genre and artists like Monica and Brandy. Safe to say I was never into one genre.

Eclectic taste. Who are you currently listening to now?

I’m working my way through Janet Jackson’s catalogue. Her vocals are just the best. I’m really into Nicole Dollanganger and her last album Heart Shaped Bed. My bus journey to work is Dionne Warwick and Def Leppard though. I love both and its kind of musical homework to listen to older stuff.

Would you collaborate with any of those artists?

Well it’s not realistic but Def Leppard would be amazing! I’d love to do something with a rock band.

Let’s hope that happens one day! What’s it like being an independent artist in London?

It’s hard work. I have a full time job alongside music but I also love that I have to work hard for it. If it came easily it probably wouldn’t mean as much to me and I wouldn’t have grown so much. Equally I constantly wish I had more time but that’s the era we live in and I’m not exempt!

What keeps you motivated?

Life is short. I want to know I’ve put out the music I believe in and that it’s had it’s fair chance to reach people’s ears.

How would you describe your music to a stranger?

I usually say either alt-pop or dark-pop. I’d like to always be able to call my music pop because I love what pop music can be but I also want to be able to draw from other genres.

Do you have any upcoming gigs?

Not right now but I’ll keep you posted.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Lots more music to come and it’s pretty expansive in terms of production, writing and vocals. I’m in the process of refining my live act and I also want to break into doing more visual work to go alongside the music.

Stream Sirenety’s new single “Daisies” on Spotify.

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