Introducing London-Based Genre-Defying Artist Wxterboi

An introduction to London-based genre-defying artist Wxterboi

London-based artist and producer Wxterboi’s body of work floats between genres, from earlier cloud rap tracks like “Lone Wolf”, to the melancholic indie track “CRUMBS”, and recently a combination of emotionally-charged hyperpop, afrobeat, R&B, and Jersey Club releases.

Thanks to his distinctive sound which is packed with stunning melodies, he joins a small list of emerging UK artists stepping out of their comfort zones to create a unique and refreshing sound that appeals to people from all walks of life. And just before he becomes a star, we wanted to get to know him a little better.

Read our Q&A below:

Whereabouts in London are you based?

East London.

What artists inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Swear down this is so silly cause you just wouldn’t expect but when I heard ‘SremmLife 2’ by Rae Sremmurd and ‘good kid m.a.a.d city’ I wanted to make music. Those projects both inspired me to start. I wouldn’t necessarily say those artists and albums shaped my sound but it opened my mind to how broad hip-hop can be.

How would you describe your music to a stranger?

It’s hard to say how I describe my music because each song is very different but there is always something familiar in each of them. When I make a song I like to think of a movie scene – it’s almost as if I’m making scores to movies I created in my head but I always try to incorporate hip hop and electronic elements.

“Miss Mum (SUMMER’S OVER)” is such a great song. what inspired you to create that mesmeric track?

I’ll be real, I was working a full time retail job and all my creativity was gone, I was kind of upset with myself. I felt like I was progressing backwards with music. All of my friends were blowing on tik tok and what not and I was just being too harsh on myself. I usually go years without seeing my mum but at that point in my life I just wish I was with her. So after a while I quit my job and in the evening I just made the demo for that song in one take.   

Do you feel underrated?

I don’t ever think about being underrated or rated. I just worry about trying to be consistent and making good music. Thinking you’re underrated is basically being entitled. Just because you make music doesn’t mean anyone should listen to what you do. I just try to make my next song better than my last one.

What are some challenges you’ve faced being an independent artist?

Trying to come up with new ways to share your music with people can sometimes be taxing because you feel like you’re a one man team at times. 

When can we expect more music?

I’m gonna try to drop in July. I need to make summer twerk.

Do you have any gigs planned?

To be honest right now I don’t have any gigs planned, I wanna focus on all my releases for the year. I’m tryna be the most consistent I’ve been in previous years.

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