Inas Drops Captivating New Single “LMDM (The Party Is Over)”

Promising singer-songwriter Inas drops captivating new single “LMDM (The Party Is Over)”.

In the past 18 months or so we’ve been focused on submissions from labels, PR and artists themselves, and not really paying that much attention to the artists we had discovered in the past or even discovering new artists— really not living up to our name DiscoverNü eh? Anyway, if you’ve been with us since our radio show days, then you’ll be familiar with singer-songwriter Inas. The promising artist, known for releases such as “DVL”, “Don’t Talk” and stunning collaborations with producers like Sidxkick, SouthGarden and Cheney Weird, has already found form early on this year with the OZZIE-produced “Paradise” and excellent new single “LMDM (The Party Is Over)”. The electronic-centred dark R&B track is built over a captivating production which has this moody late night vibe to it. However, it’s Inas’ breathtaking vocal performance which draws you in as she sings about her desire to still want to dance when the party is over, a sentiment many of us can relate to in a way. With two strong singles so far this year, 2021 may be the year Inas gets the traction she thoroughly deserves.

FFO: Darci, Sidi, Natalie, Zeina, Ayelle, Ja¥en x District etc.

Stream “LMDM (The Party Is Over)” below:

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