Emerging rapper HEN$HAW drops new single “GIFT”, accompanied by music video

Known for his sharp rapid fire delivery and expansive lyricism, 20 year-old London-based rapper HEN$HAW transforms his pain and life experiences into his music that’s at times, confrontational and borderline controversial, but yet catchy and memorable. He’s at his best on his latest offering “GIFT”, a song that details finding the balance between being a young rockstar and somewhat a professional musician at the same time.

Built over a dark and aggressive bass-heavy production by friend and frequent collaborator goodbyechase, the Camden rapper once again showcases his versatility as well as his immense potential by combining grime and rap to create one of his most anticipated tracks yet.

About finding balance as a rockstar and a professional musician:

“I feel like I do that quite well and I feel like the bounce of the track allowed me to showcase that. I also had the idea to change the pitch of the beat in the second verse because of the complete switch of energy” — HEN$HAW.

Stream “GIFT” below:

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Photo Credit: Sara Shots

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