Good Rzn — 123

LA-based duo Good Rzn release “123”, third track taken from debut EP

One of the most promising acts around, Los Angeles-based duo Good Rzn have finally released their much anticipated debut EP Falling In Slow Motion, and it features their third release “123”, a stunning single which touches on themes of personal growth, reflection and learning lessons in life.

“We wrote ‘123’ about looking back at times that seem more simple and realizing that the things you want in life sometimes come at a cost. A storybook ending can’t come for free. The end of the song culminates in the storyteller realizing that things can be simple again it just takes time to figure things out. The process of creating ‘123’ was smooth and quick. It was mostly written in a single day on an acoustic guitar and lyric notebook, and we had a voice memo of that which was a foundation for the production. We wanted the track carry similar levels of authenticity and intimacy as the voice memo, so we added certain elements to recreate that. In the intro, for instance, we added a recording of Josie from when she was first learning her ABC’s as a kid. This is definitely one of our favorite songs that we’ve written together.”Good Rzn.

Stream “123” below:

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