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We teamed up with Music Mukbang to talk to London-based bedroom pop artist SOMOH about her debut EP A Plan to Get Home and more

Born to a British father and an Italian mother, SOMOH is the solo moniker of 20 year-old London-based bedroom pop artist Sophia Mohan. Today, she’s released her debut EP A Plan to Get Home— a stunning EP that embodies everything she has experienced throughout her 20’s.

Released via Tiny Library Records and produced by Joel Johnson, Mack Jamieson & RISC, the EP has a coming-of-age vibe, touching on subjects such as love, friendship, personal struggles and acceptance.

The EP is named after the title track, which was written about a bad night out, where all I wanted was to get to the safety of my bedroom. That’s the place where all of these songs were written and where I’ll always be most comfortable to be myself in my writing.I’m really proud of this body of work, it’s been a long time coming. The main focus of this EP is about the transitional stages of life from childhood to your early 20s where part of you doesn’t feel ready to face all the changes. I think these songs convey a lot of those situations you have to deal with as you realise the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (e.g falling in love, coming to realisations about the people around you, how you treat yourself). I hope that people listening can find a part of their own story in my songs, it’s always nice to feel like you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.” — SOMOH.

We had an opportunity to talk to her with Zoe from Music Mukbang— read our the interview below:

When people listen to “I Know You Care” what is something that you want people to understand or feel from it?

I wrote “I Know You Care” at a time where I was finding it hard to accept that someone couldn’t be there for me they way I needed them to. I’d hope for the people listening to understand that their peace should always come first, even when it’s hard to let someone go in the process.  

Was there a song on this project that was challenging to create? If so, why?

“Reflections” was a difficult one to write for sure. I was recalling on a time in my childhood where there was a lot of hurt, and so to tap into that became emotionally draining quite quickly. However, that has made me even more proud of the song’s outcome as it feels much more honest and raw.

Has performing live changed anything about the way you create music?

Oh 100%! It’s made me crave that full band sound so much more, so I’ve definitely been leaning into that in my songwriting and production process.

Do you have any upcoming gigs, by the way?

I do! I’ll be supporting my wonderful friend Pura Bliss at the Courtyard Theatre on April 14th. You can find more information about gigs through my Instagram!

Nice! Who are some artists that you have been listening to lately?

I’m a big Alex G fan so he’s always in my daily rotation…even more so now since I’ve recently seen him live. The ‘Flounder’ album from Quinnie is easily one of my favourites right now. It’s so delicate and powerful at the same time, and her lyricism is incredible. Lastly Lily Konigsberg is on repeat. Her instrumentation blows my mind and really inspires me to experiment outside my comfort zone.

If you could collaborate with one of those artists, who would it be and why?

If I could choose all of them I would, but Alex G takes the top spot for me. His music is so sonically and lyrically interesting to me and watching him bring those songs into live performance form made me appreciate them all the more!

In your own words, how would you describe your music to a stranger?

I would describe my music as delicate but punchy. Like bedroom pop and 90’s indie rock had a baby.

What Netflix tv show do you think “A Plan To Go Home” would suit?

The first one that came to mind was ‘Sex Education’! You’ve got me thinking…maybe I should be pitching it to them for the new season.

You really should! What are some challenges you face as an emerging woman artist?

There’s lots of pressure that comes with being a woman in this industry. For me, it was hard to learn how to vouch for myself in situations in fear of ‘making a fuss’ or feeling that I have to present a certain way in order for people to engage with me. It can be disheartening at times, so this year I want to make a more conscious effort to work with female producers, songwriters and engineers.

What’s next? Do you have anything else planned for 2023?

The next few months are going to be focusing on writing more material, as I’d love to put out another project this year. Some live stuff can definitely be expected, I’m really excited to properly get stuck in!

Stream A Plan to Go Home below:

SOMOH will be supporting Pura Bliss at The Courtyard Theatre on Friday 14th April 2023. Grab your tickets here.

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Photo Credit: Nicole Ngai

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