FRIIIDAY Release Captivating Trap-Infused Single “Dreaming”

Having split from their management and label deal as well internal changes, German group FRIIIDAY are officially back with their brand new single “Dreaming”. It’s a captivating trap-infused R&B track that instantly connects with you. The melodic vocals are almost hypnotising and the haunting production comes to life with a heavy-bass drum pattern as they bare their soul on a personal song which leaves little room for misinterpretations.

“We all have dreams, they embody our wishes, goals and accomplishments. However, leaving a mark in this industry remains a dream for many artists who embark on this journey for success. Many fail, more quit and only few have the courage and desire to prevail” FRIIIDAY.

“Dreaming” is the type of song you need to listen to if you’re ever on the verge of losing hope in your dreams, the duo Juju King and SAM9 want to spread a message to listeners — “be persistent and never lose hope! There are only minor setbacks for major comebacks”. Facts.

Listen to “Dreaming” below:

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