Fresh Sounds [25/09/2019]

We’ve been looking for the freshest sounds around these past few weeks, some of these sounds include submissions. Below are songs you should be checking out if you’re looking to discover a new artist.

Dorian Rose — Yoko

Not much is known about newcomer Dorian Rose, but his debut single “Yoko” is a must listen. It’s a captivating track that showcases a potentially successful career in music.

“This song is meant to convey the feeling of insecurity post-breakup. It’s trying to convince yourself and your ex-lover that you never loved them. It’s trying to hide the pain of heartbreak by inflating your ego, like a curtain, covering the true emotional damage that’s underneath”Dorian Rose.

The Wavy Kid — Winning

20 year-old New York-based artist The Wavy Kid impresses on his current single. Lyrics are relatable and the vocals are melodic.

Emil — Soñando

“Soñando is the interlude in perfect timing. It’s a song where I get to flow between English and Spanish. The song itself, was inspired by the idea that people move through their day to day as if they’re asleep. The song itself is meant to feel very dream like and atmospheric”Emil.

Ethan Ross — Addict

New Jersey-based artist Ethan Ross’ latest single is a thoroughly enjoyable listen from start to finish. A lot of replay value.

“Addict” is about being infatuated with someone to the point in which you don’t know whether you actually love them, or if they convinced you that you simply just need them to feel full & complete.”Ethan Ross.

Teflon Sega — Fornever

Teflon Sega has been so consistent this year, releasing music every single week this year. He’s quite possibly the most unique emerging artist on the planet, and 2020 should be an even bigger year for him. Press play.

Eastman — Believe It

LVNDVN — Streams

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