Fresh Sounds [19/07/2019]

Once again it’s our favourite day of the week, New Music Friday! We’ve spent hours going through submissions and finding cool new songs for you to check out. Make sure you follow the artists you like!

PORTEOUS — Vibe With You

“Vibe With You” is the excellent debut single by 20 year-old London-based artist and songwriter PORTEOUS. Expect a soulful voice with an indie rock and a little sprinkle of contemporary R&B vibe throughout.

Lulise — Taken

Lulise’s follow up to “Read My Lips” exudes confidence, it’s a brilliant R&B/Soul track reminiscent of the 90’s. As much as it is catchy, “Taken” was born out of personal romantic conflicts.

Alden Groves — Anhedonia

Alden Groves takes us on a trippy ride with his bouncy new track “Anhedonia” — combining hip-hop and R&B, the Boulder, Colorado artist delivers a melodic flow that almost sounds robotic over a captivating production.

L.A. Rochelle — No more (Encore)

London-based French artist L.A. Rochelle’s bilingual (with a touch of Spanish in there) pop single “No more (Encore)” is a beautiful and emotionally-driven song that tells the story of heartbreak.

Tash — What A Lovely Mess I’ve Made

There’s an instant connection with Tash’s alluring vocals on her new smooth single “What A Lovely Mess I’ve Made” — the Australian singer-songwriter is one of the most exciting emerging artists around. Press play.

The Wyze — Faded Gold

Futuristic Indie Canadian duo The Wyze deliver an unforgettable track — melodic and euphoric throughout. Very catchy.

So Sensitive — Caught In The Dark

Brooklyn, New York dark art-pop duo So Sensitive have been on our radar in recent months, their latest single “Caught In The Dark” is taken from their upcoming album Bedroom Drama and is filled with synth-pop vibes.

Young Braves — 1984

Although we don’t feature many indie rock music, Young Brave’s new single “1984” is an outstanding track that has caught our attention. With one of the catchiest chorus you’ll hear all year, they deliver an excellent track that showcases their superstar potential.

Hard N Low — Girl On Fyre

“Girl On Fyre” is an eclectic single by Hard N Low that keeps you engaged from start to finish. The mesmerising vocals match perfectly with the production. Worth a listen.

MAAD — Moolah (luv it)

Delicious vocals over a soulful R&B production.

Featured image: PORTEOUS

Sylvan Weekends — Zero Faking