Fresh Sounds [19/06/2020]

June 2020 has been slow in terms of new music releases for obvious reasons. Sometimes it’s important to focus on what’s happening around us and getting together to make a change before we get back to enjoying the things we love. However, music does help in a way— it’s definitely helped me and many people that have been following DNü for the past four years.

Below are some of our favourite fresh new sounds, you can also find these songs on our playlist The Nü. Remember, if there’s a song you like, add it to your playlists, follow and support the artist too.

THEY. — Count Me In


Emanuel — Addiction

Camm Hunter x Honors — Hitter

JAHKOY — Firefighter

Always Never — Need Somebody

Lolo Zouaï — Beautiful Lies (Cold)

Gervs x Chief Awuah — Equality

Featured Image: THEY.

Photo Credit: Makanahei

Sandman — Bite The Bullet