Fresh Sounds [17/06/2019]

Another eclectic selection of the latest singles released by some of the best new artists around. Be sure to add your favourite songs to your playlists.

Mac Rose — Sweet Spontaneous

Irish trap pop artist Mac Rose showcases his potential on the engaging “Sweet Spontaneous”.

Leroy Mumeita — Promises

18 year-old Kenyan artist Leroy Mumeita proves that young African artists are capable of producing quality mainstream-infused tracks too.

Destiny Claymore — Stronger Than U Think

Destiny Claymore’s raspy voice is alluring on the smooth and soulful “Stronger Than U Think”.

fyra — Heartbreaker

“Heartbreaker” is a captivating single that blends multiple genres effortlessly, but still maintains that R&B vibe throughout.

Polarized Eyes — Storm

Teenage British rockers Polarized Eyes showcase their potential on the energetic “Storm” off their debut EP Prescription Lens.

FIN THE MARTIAN — Think It Matters

Quite possibly the standout single on this list, FIN THE MARTIAN shines on new single “Think It Matters”. This track has a lot of replay value.

OM1D x Lithe — Alone

A wonderful collaboration that has all the right ingredients for your summer playlists. Press play.

drew — Shame

There’s dark R&B vibes throughout “Shame” — this is in the same lane as the likes of Always Never, 12AM and Jutes. Captivating.

Featured image: FIN THE MARTIAN

VICTORS — Nothing Seems To Matter Now