Fresh Sounds [10/04/2020]

Below are some of our favourite new songs by emerging acts around the world. These songs also feature on our main playlist The Nü, make sure you follow if you’re a music lover and give these artists a listen too!

Shaker — Out Of Love

There’s no doubt that Shaker is one of the best emerging artists out there. His latest offering “Out Of Love” is another solid release that will not only help grow his fan base but also place him amongst other rising stars in his specific genre.

Amanda Orla — Hurt You

“Hurt You” is the standout track taken from Amanda Orla’s recently released project Disconnected. Written based off a personal experience of hers, she delivers beautiful vocal performance over a lush production.

“It’s about finally having a conversation with a past lover and finding out that they saw someone new. I go on to explain how they both do things behind each other’s back and that’s what makes them perfect for each other. I think this is a very relatable song for many people as they could have been in similar situations” Amanda Orla.

Kami Leonne — You Say

Congolese singer-songwriter Kami Leonne’s latest single “You Say” is a must listen. Her gentle and soft vocals match perfectly with the moody production, creating a captivating late night vibe.

“A song about a lover who doesn’t get to see me as often as he’d like to because I’m not attached to him. I dedicate this song to him, acknowledging his feelings, and let him know how I’ll make up my absence to him the next time we see each other”Kami Leonne.

Nylo — History Of Sorry

Singer-songwriter Nylo deserves more, she’s one of the best vocalists on the planet and arguably one of the most underrated artists you could come across. “History Of Sorry” is her first release since October 2019, and once again her vocals are beautiful throughout.

JOY. — Waterfalls

Australian singer, songwriter and producer JOY. is another underrated artist, her latest single “Waterfalls” proves that. Press play.

Real Hypha x Providence Cordell — Losing My Mind

After a few delays, this heartfelt collaboration between Real Hypha and Providence Cordell is finally out. The vocals and production match really well, creating an emotionally-driven vibe throughout.

Marr Grey — Energy High

“Energy High” takes a more hip-hop route as Marr Grey flexes throughout with melodic raps. Grey remains one of the most slept-on emerging artists within the alternative R&B genre.

Ambré x BEAM — Slip

“Slip” is another hip-hop oriented single by Ambré and rising star BEAM, who raps with a Jamaican flow this time around. Press play.

12AM — Voices

Canadian artist 12AM continues his great run of form with another strong release. Many listeners will be able to relate to this song.

Featured image: Kami Leonne

Maisie May — Mourn u l8r