Alternative artist FLØRE shares new single “ALIEN”

German rising artist FLØRE is fast becoming one of our favourite emerging artists. She’s back on DNü with her latest offering, “ALIEN”, released via Valeria Music.

Her songwriting has developed really well, “ALIEN” is a beautifully-written song that instantly connects with anyone who has ever felt like an outcast growing up— and it gets even better when you meet likeminded people. That connection and friendship often lasts forever. She also delivers a passionate vocal performance which effortlessly flow over the captivating production.

 “ALIEN’ is about finding a true friend, someone who makes you feel like you found your home. The song deals with the feeling of being a freak most of the time, but once you find a like-minded person you realize you’ve never been wrong and you’re perfect the way you are. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written so far. For me it feels like a love song to one of the greatest things we can have, which is true friendship. I think feeling like a freak or a weirdo is something I will never get rid of. But there’s so much beauty in it, when you find friends who share the weirdness with you. So the song embraces the fact that you’re never wrong or strange in any way, because there are other ALIENS out there who are searching for you, too.”FLØRE.

Stream “ALIEN” below:

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