Fabian Secon Shares New Single “I’m Not There”

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Fabian Secon isn’t slowing down this year, he’s back with new single “I’m Not There”.

At times we often overlook emerging artists based in the UK, and pay more attention to those across the pond. Sadly, despite multiple achievements in the past two years, many people in London and the rest of the UK still have no idea who Fabian Secon is. The Brixton artist has had a strong start in 2020, his first release of the year “Life Is A Lie” is on the verge of becoming his most popular release to date. Countless of TikTok videos have been created by users all around the world since the song was released in January. And what makes this incredible, is that Secon has done this all by himself without a label, PR or any playlist placement — a simply amazing achievement for one of the most underrated artists around.

His latest offering “I’m Not There” is a more upbeat track production wise which has nostalgic vibes, however it’s the words that instantly connect with listeners as he delivers another emotionally-driven song that has a lot of replay value.

Stream “I’m Not There” below:

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