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emie nathan shares new single “white light”, taken from her upcoming debut EP

Today, London-based emerging singer-songwriter emie nathan has unveiled her new single “white light”, the title track of her upcoming debut EP due out on 26th November. emie will also play debut live shows this autumn and winter, with a headline performance at West London’s Laylow on 9th December in support of the EP, and next week she’ll be heading up north for Live at Leeds’ annual new artist showcase festival.

Beautifully-written and built over a compelling production by Joseph Wander, “white light” showcases emie’s breathtaking vocals which we’ve grown accustomed to. The song takes a look at her Jewish heritage, using the holiday of Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) as a stepping off point for some wider questions.

I was inspired by the concept of “starting over” to write an irreligious song about reconciling with one’s own shortcomings and choosing to be a better version of themselves moving forward. Separating the religious ideology for a moment, atonement and reconciliation are two very real and widely applicable actions we as humans face all the time. I wanted to write something that encourages improvement in whatever way that manifests. When I try to envision an image of sorts that best represents self-reflection and working to right wrongs, I visualise the brightest light you could possibly imagine. It doesn’t really take shape or assume a form, it is just ever present and forceful in its shine. If we can embody this image of goodness and take it with us into our daily choices, I think we as people can do a lot better for each other and for ourselves going through the day to day motions. I grew up in a reformed Jewish household which meant we practised as Jews, but largely stuck to the traditional side of the religion that centres itself around family, food and song. My brothers and I have largely forged our own individual perspectives and relationships regarding our religion as we have grown up, but I think we can agree on how much of the hidden meaning can be translated as good advice for life. Make mistakes? Own them. Hurt someone? Apologise. Hurt yourself? Heal and move on” — emie nathan.

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