Elijah Cruise Shares Stunning New Song “VOICES”

Taken from his first EP, Elijah Cruise shares stunning new song “VOICES”.

In an industry filled with samey artists creating lacklustre songs or songs with the intention of going viral, there still lies outstanding and underrated artists who create timeless music. Unfortunately, most of their releases often goes unnoticed. But with music blogs such as ourselves, we champion those artists and share their music to a new audience. Singer, songwriter and producer Elijah Cruise has always released top tier music, and his new song “VOICES” is probably his best yet. Taken from his first EP Life Can Be Strange, “VOICES” is a beautifully-written song with a universal appeal— once again he showcases his exceptional songwriting and breathtaking vocals. Known for performing under a persona with a red hand that he uses as a visual representation of the inner demons we all have, Cruise has crafted a stunning song which flawlessly blends indie pop and electronic music. Stop sleeping on this man.

“‘VOICES’ was written about my personal experience with mental health. My hope is for the music to help people who struggle with their own demons”Elijah Cruise.

Stream “VOICES” below:

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