Dpart Shares Thought-Provoking New Single “Don’t Know How”

London-based rapper Dpart shares thought-provoking new single “Don’t Know How”.

Influenced by artists such as NF, Mic Righteous, J. Cole and more, North West London rapper and songwriter Dparts story has been somewhat similar to a movie. He lost his mother to alcoholism at the age of 7, and his father was jailed most of his life. Instead of going down the wrong path, he turned that negative experience into a positive one by forging a career in music whilst raising a family, as well as helping people who are going through their own trials and tribulations at the same time. His latest offering “Don’t Know How” is an emotionally-driven track led by a guitar-infused production where he delivers passionate verses and featured artist Leo Casio lays a melodic hook. Lyrically, the song is about people who at times struggle to process their thoughts into words and talk openly about what they’re going through.

Stream “Don’t Know How” below:

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